POS is the abbreviated form of Point of Sale systems. These are commonly known as checkouts and can be found at any number of retail outlets. They are used to complete a retail transaction and are to calculate the amount the user acquires from the customer and to give them their extra change back. Checkout or POS also stores the funds and are programmed to show menu items if they are placed at a restaurant or fast food retailer.

To merchants in the goods and services industry, point of sale systems was revolutionary. Not only have they made calculation of funds a lot easier, but have offered a range of different methods to complete sales. There are a few different kinds of point of sale systems. There are manual systems, weighing machines, electric bar code scanners or electronic cash registers. The last two items are sometimes used in lieu with each other. Merchants provide this hardware for their employees and offer customers a few different methods of payment, like the EFTPOS terminals.

The point of sale systems also has the capacity to print out receipts. These systems are usually standard for small size retailers but can be customized for larger industries. For example, in the clothing retail industry, a slightly more complicated form of transaction will take place as compared to a fast food restaurant. Not only will there be more categories for the employee to sift through when placing an order, but each item bought will have to be scanned. This means a different procedure altogether is followed. There are a few different uses for point of sale systems as well.

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Good news is now here for the ‘War on Hurricanes’ and ‘Fight Against Cancer’ due to the rapid advances in Supercomputer calculation speeds. One Supercomputer named Blue Gene-L has broken the previous record for the amount of calculations it can do in a second. You are probably thinking so what right?

Well then check out the speeds; it can do 280.6 teraflops per second or 280,600,000,000 calculations per second; “Ah, hello!” That is intense, of course it beats its own best record of about half that.

This special supercomputer is a project with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IBM. How much is this 280.6 teraflops? Well lets say 7 billion people had a calculator and punched numbers for ten years non-stop, well The Blue Gene-L did it in only one-second, so now are you impressed?

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If some sort of thief steals a vehicle which has some kind of vehicle tracking device on there, the odds of getting it back are generally tremendously greater. Some tracking devices may even turn off of the engine, hence the car halts. It is advisable to keep information of distance and time. Vehicle tracking devices are able to do that. You simply download the information and you will know the way in which far a person drove, how much time it required and also where that person went.

Some teenager drivers can reap the benefits of having some sort of GPS tracking device on the vehicle as it may help them keep careful throughout those initial years connected with driving. With the help of a vehicle tracking device, the teen can determine how fast he/she is going. Vehicle tracking devices may also be used to keep a vehicle within a selected area by simply programming some sort of geo location to the device. If the vehicle is around to corner a boundary, it informs the car owner. A dispatcher can also view each vehicle over a map instantly, which tremendously improves direction-finding efficiency. It’s even practical for the dispatcher in order to enter an address to the system to determine which vehicle is closest.

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Any individual or company which has discovered their system has crashed knows just how frightening such an experience can be. Is the data totally lost? Can it be recovered and if so, how long will it take? What will the data recovery service cost? These are just of the questions to be answered. Every business needs an IT disaster recovery plan. The first part of which is to ensure a proper and reliable back-up of all files is in place.

Once that fundamental is achieved, disaster recovery services are far simpler, easier and cheaper. Of course the best time to consider disaster recovery consulting is before any possible accident arises. Talking to the best IT consultants as early as possible is the one proven way to significantly, if not totally, reduce your chances of needing some IT disaster recovery services.

Of course if your smart planning isn’t all that smart or if by some cruel twist of fate you do find yourself looking at a serious loss of data, engaging the best IT experts is your best bet. The expert IT professional consultants are the most likely to find a way to recover what at first seems irretrievably lost. And down time will be kept to a minimum if you opt for disaster recovery consulting. The loss of your data is one thing; getting back on your feet and up and running again is something equally as important.

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The iPad POS system called ShopKeep is the latest innovation in technology as far as point of sales systems go. This is a POS system that was introduced in 2008 by the renowned retail industry guru, Jason Richelson. Being the co-founder of several retail chains in Brooklyn and New York, the businessman decided to create this system once he became aware of the potential of the iPad. Since this is the age of technology, it is easy to understand why the need for this software was felt. People like to shop on the go, and often don’t have time to stop and browse. Online shopping eradicated this need when it was launched and since then, online point of sale systems have been very successful at retaining customers.

The ShopKeep app is easy to use, quick and safe. It utilizes a cloud-based system that is available nationwide. Foreign attempts to replicate the app have been made as well, thus its popularity has reached everywhere. The iPad POS system offers users a few different payment methods. Not only this, it has made life much easier for merchants who like to make their transactions online. They may ring up their sales, print off the receipts for customers or email them directly, open up the cash drawer to calculate accumulated funds and so on. The transactions may be done through credit cards.

The iPad POS is created through a BackOffice application that offers the user to sift through their inventory, the customer management system, management of employees and analytics as well as reporting strategies. The system is complex as it requires strong security measures to function. The user information is never given away and the software has strict guidelines for the transactions as well, to ensure a safe and fair transaction.