Boards and Commissions

Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) carefully monitors & tracks information on upcoming or current vacancies for a variety of boards and commissions across a wide spectrum, from Public Health and Criminal Justice to Transportation and Public Works. WSAC has legislative authority to appoint members to certain boards and commissions, while others we merely put forth nominations to the Governor’s office to request their appointment.

What are boards and commissions?

Boards and Commissions are designed to give citizens a voice in their government and allow citizens to influence decisions that shape the quality of life for the residents of our state. Participation on a board or commission is one of the most effective steps citizens can take in becoming an active voice in their government.

Governor Inslee is responsible for appointing citizens to over 230 boards and commissions.  Appointees are responsible for advising the Governor, the Legislature and state agencies.  Governor Inslee takes great pride in appointing qualified, responsible members who reflect the diverse lifestyles of our state and who want to make the state of Washington a better place for us all.

To learn more about the Boards & Commissions to which the Governor has appointment authority, you can review those profiles here – including who the current board members are, statutory authority, and requirements to serve (when specified).

Boards and Commissions Guide

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West and East Region Counties

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2021 Recruitment Windows:

February Recruitment
Starts: January 18th
Ends: February 3rd

May Recruitment
Starts: April 19th
Ends: May 5th

September Recruitment
Starts: September 2nd
Ends: September 16th

November Recruitment
Starts: November 2nd
Ends: November 16th

WSAC will continue to recruit for these positions acknowledging that the Executive Board may make appointments prior to the September Board of Director’s meeting if nominations/applications are received.

Boards & Commissions