Local FPHS Policy Advisor

Local FPHS Policy Advisor

Local FPHS Policy Advisor

Reports To:
WSALPHO Managing Director

FLSA Status: Exempt

Date: August 2021


A responsive and viable governmental public health system is essential for healthy and economically vital communities across Washington.  Protecting the public’s health across the state is a fundamental responsibility of the state and is accomplished through the governmental public health system.  (RCW 43.70.512)

Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) are a limited set of core public health services provided primarily by the government, are population-based rather than for the individuals, and are services that must exist everywhere to be effective anywhere.  With the governor and legislature, the governmental public health system uses a long-term, multi-biennium, phased approach to fully fund and implement FPHS.  More information on FPHS can be accessed here.

Local health jurisdictions have identified the need to have FPHS support at the local level to support more significant system transformation efforts.  This position supports more considerable state transformation efforts by building and helping maintain capacity across local health jurisdictions.  This position advises, coordinates, and provides consultation on FPHS policy to WSALPHO membership and local health jurisdictions.  This position will oversee highly visible and time-sensitive projects involving local health jurisdictions, government partners, and other community partners with diverse interests. This role includes direct engagement and partnership building with local health jurisdictions and cross-governmental coordination, collaboration, and co-creation.

The Local Foundational Public Health Services Policy Advisor will work very closely with the WSALPHO Managing Director and WSALPHO staff, WSALPHO committees and members, FPHS subject-matter groups, and governmental public health partners; the Department of Health, State Board of Health, and American Indian Health Commission.

There are currently two openings for this position – one which will focus on supporting local health jursidictions west of the Cascades, and one which will focus on supporting local health jurisdicitons east of the Cascades.  There will be further opportunity to work statewide with WSALPHO committees.  Both positions will have options of working remotely (telework) or have office space within a local health jurisdiction.



Policy Development

  • Facilitate future local health jurisdiction decision package planning for FPHS budget asks, including reinforcing capacity and flexible funding, developing evaluation metrics, coordinating funding disbursement models.
  • Facilitate local and regional discussions on service delivery within FPHS definitions within subject matter discussions and WSALPHO committees.
  • Coordinate systems vision setting with the governmental public health system including local health jurisdictions, tribal nations and AIHC, Department of Health, and State Board of Health
  • Co-facilitate FPHS subject matter group meetings and assist with agenda setting, budget planning with state and local leads
  • Identify and assist local health jurisdictions in formalizing and implementing service delivery models. This includes models shared between local health jurisdictions and shared with other governmental partners such as tribes, the Department of Health, and the State Board of Health.


Business Capabilities

  • Assist local health jurisdictions in FPHS accountability, including reporting, evaluation, and quality improvement of local FPHS work.
  • Coordinate evaluation and system improvement reports with DOH FPHS staff
  • Assist the Department of Health in staffing FPHS steering committee meetings, subject matter group discussions, and other FPHS meetings. This includes agenda setting, development of meeting materials, reporting, etc.



  • Provide routine FPHS updates to local health jurisdictions through WSALPHO Board, standing committees, organizational meetings, etc.
  • Elevate FPHS concerns, questions, and implementation challenges to subject matter groups, WSALPHO Managing Director, WSALPHO Board of Directors, FPHS Steering Committee
  • Cross-coordinate and inform subject matter group work and service delivery proposals
  • Co-create reports, materials, and messaging with governmental public health system partners and communication workgroup

Other duties as deemed pertinent to the position by the Managing Director.


Required Qualifications

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, passionate about public health, and committed to bringing a collaborative spirit to the position.



A Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in public health, community health, government relations, health policy, or a related field; AND at least two years of experience leading, developing, or coordinating multiple complex projects simultaneously.          OR            At least four years of experience leading, developing, or coordinating multiple complex projects simultaneously.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated experience in building partnerships, working collaboratively with others
  • Demonstrated ability to identify critical issues, generate and analyze options, and apply problem-solving skills to handle conflicting perspectives
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Ability to help groups find common interests and goals and facilitating creativity and innovation to help groups find ways to achieve the common goals
  • Ability to motivate and inspire colleagues and partners
  • Knowledge of budgeting, program monitoring, and evaluation methods, and policy assessment


Environmental Factors

Speech/visual/hearing skills sufficient to interact with staff and the public.  Ability to travel frequently around the state.  Work is primarily sedentary and will involve long hours of sitting or standing.


Salary and Employment Information

The salary range for this position is $75,000 – $90,000 ($6,250-$7,500 monthly) and will be directly dependent on the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience. The Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) will be the employer of record. WSAC offers an excellent employee benefits package including 11 paid holidays, 100% employer-paid medical employee and full family, dental, vision, a health reimbursement account, and generous 401k contributions.

All WSAC employees are at will. This is a grant funded position through June 30, 2023, continuation is dependent upon subsequent awards.



Individuals interested in applying for this position shall electronically submit a letter of interest and resume to Bridget Lockling, Director of Finance and Administration, Washington State Association of Counties, blockling@wsac.org. All application materials must be submitted no later than September 22, 2021.

If you have questions regarding the position, please contact Jaime Bodden, Managing Director, Washington State Association of Local Public Health Officials, at jbodden@wsac.org or 360-489-3011.